Office culture around the globe, as we recognize it, has evolved considerably.  Nowhere is this change more reflected than the corporate domain’s changing attitude to work. Speaking of Pune, the city’s workforce has become more demanding with regard to what they expect their office spaces in Pune to offer.

This has resulted in businesses scrambling in search of a commercial property in Pune that provides a plethora of amenities that have proved beneficial in maximizing employee productivity. It was this fervor that encouraged us at Ravima Ventures to develop a property that would go on to render traditional, bland workspaces obsolete.

We are, of course, talking about our crown jewel – The Work Club. When looking for an office in Pune to accommodate your workforce, it is imperative to consider the following factors.

  • A good location
  • Incredible amenities
  • Great interior design
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure.

That is exactly what you get with The Work Club.

What Makes The Work Club a Premier Commercial Property in Pune?

The Work Club’s sole purpose of existing is to provide Pune’s mushrooming workforce with an office space that strikes the perfect balance between play and work. The Work Club consists of office spaces designed by creative geniuses who know the significant role a healthy and fun work environment can play in maximizing productivity.

The Work Club delivers on this concept by offering a ton of amenities that help manage stress and keep employees engaged.

Here’s a list of all amenities that companies inhabiting the office spaces in The Work Club can enjoy.

List of Amenities The Work Club Offers

  • Dedicated restrooms for directors where they can fall back to relax in between meetings
  • A business lounge that creates the ambiance necessary for employees to have spirited work-related discussions.
  • A Game Zone for employees to unwind and re-energize themselves during work.
  • Top terrace facilities with beautifully designed green landscape and dedicated space for events, staff lunches, and meetings.
  • Excellent interior design with double-height entrance lobbies, open-to-sky business lounge, and elegantly designed common rooms to boast.
  • Independent retail spaces
  • Top terrace restaurants designed meticulously with an incredible view
  • Conventional parking in three basements for both 2 and 4-wheelers
  • Fireproof electrical wiring

And the list of features goes on and on. We’ve spared no effort in erecting a structure that the modern workforce can find welcoming. The Work Club also benefits from being situated in a strategic location.

The Work Club’s Enticing Location

The Work Club benefits from being located near the PCMC area, which is widely recognized as the Detroit of the east, as it is home to several national and multi-national companies. With an office in Pune at The Work Club, you are in close proximity to supermarkets, malls, cinema halls, hospitals, schools, bus stands, etc.

The above factors are evidence that you don’t need to look any further than The Work Club to find the best commercial space for your corporate office in Pune.

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