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Commercial Projects in
Pimpri-Chinchwad & Pune Regions

At Ravima Ventures, we’ve long held a vision that entailed the complete transformation of India’s work culture. So we set out to do it the only way we knew best – by constructing a commercial project that would offer expertly crafted office spaces, stress-busting recreational amenities, and easy connectivity to other regions of Pune.

Studded with ergonomic furniture, upbeat interior design, and features that incite engagement, our commercial project will introduce a workspace that your employees and staff will be happy to check in every day.

Explore Premier Commercial Projects
in Pimpri-Chinchwad & Pune

The Work Club

Finolex Chowk, Pimpri

A commercial project brimming with amenities that can make workplaces fun and welcoming.

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How To Choose Commercial Project in Pimpri-Chinchwad & Pune?

Choosing the right commercial project for your business can play a significant role in attracting more customers and clients. You want to invest in a commercial property that promises great returns. You also need to consider the comfort and needs of your employees as well.

Gone are the days when you could shove employees into a listless workspace. Today, employees expect a lot more than just a paycheck from their employers. Office spaces can drastically impact your workforce’s productivity. To ensure you are making the right decision, we suggest you pay heed to the below tips:

  • Do Market Research
  • Review the Location
  • Look for references online
  • Consult a real estate expert
  • Acknowledge the risks
  • Assess your Investment Options

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Project

You’ll be spending a lot of time and money on a commercial project you ultimately choose for your business. So it makes sense to do your due diligence before investing a huge amount in it. Below is a list of factors we suggest you consider to choose the right commercial project in town.

  • Location of the Property

  • Carpet Area of the Office Unit

  • Neighborhood and Infrastructure

  • Amenities Offered

  • Price

  • The reputation of the Builder

Why Choose Ravima Ventures?

Ever since our inception 15 years ago, Ravima Venture has been widely recognized as one of the finest real estate developers in Pune. We’ve successfully spearheaded the construction of several high-profile commercial and residential properties in the city. Our long track record of delivering quality projects in a timely manner has garnered us unparalleled goodwill in the industry.

Below are just a few reasons that explain why you should choose us.

  • 15 Years of Experience
  • Use of the Latest Technology for Design and Construction

  • Full Transparency with Clients

  • Timely Delivery of Projects

  • Positive track record of meeting and exceeding customer expectations

FAQs About Commercial Projects

Q1. What are the commercial projects offered by Ravima Ventures in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune?2023-06-08T14:22:23+00:00

Currently, Ravima Ventures is working on an ambitious commercial project – The Work Club. The office spaces here will feature colorful interiors, boatloads of recreational amenities, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Q2. What makes Ravima Ventures’ commercial projects in Pimpri-Chinchwad Pune unique and different from others?2023-06-08T14:22:03+00:00

Ravima Ventures’ commercial project – The Work Club, will be the first of its kind that heralds the coming of a new age of workspaces. The commercial project will entail expertly crafted office spaces whose value is further enhanced with the presence of a special breakout room, recreational zone, and business lounges.

Q3. What are the key features and amenities provided in Ravima Ventures’ commercial projects?2023-06-08T14:20:25+00:00

One of the things that really set the commercial project of Ravima Ventures apart is the sheer number of amenities it provides. Below is a list of all the amenities that The Work Club offers:

  • Front Desk
  • Gymnasium Space
  • Conference Room
  • Library Space
  • Meeting Room
  • Gaming Zone
  • 3-Tier Security
  • Three-Level Parking
  • Power-Back Up
  • Amphitheatre Space
  • Green Pockets
Q4. Are there any financial assistance or loan options provided by Ravima Ventures for commercial project buyers?2023-06-08T14:19:28+00:00

At Ravima Ventures, we have experts that provide you with the financial guidance needed when buying a commercial property. We suggest you give us a call to shed more light on this matter.

Q5. Can I lease or sell my commercial space in Ravima Ventures’ projects in the future if needed?2023-06-08T14:18:21+00:00

Once you’ve purchased the property from us, you’ll be well within your rights to lease or sell the commercial space that you are the rightful owner of.

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