About The Work Club

The Work Club is an ambitious effort undertaken by the creative minds behind Ravima Ventures to forever revolutionize the work culture in India. The Work Club was borne with the idea of ridding India of the dreary, cramped office spaces that have come to become a staple of the country’s work culture.

They do absolutely nothing to boost employee productivity and morale, thus resulting in companies losing invaluable talent. With The Work Club, we want to offer employers and employees a commercial working space that’s inspiring, comfortable, pleasant, and brimming with world-class amenities.

Every inch of The Work Club is painstakingly designed to conjure workspaces, showrooms, and shops that employees can feel proud to call their offices.

Ravima’s The Work Club Features and Amenities

What really sets The Work Club apart from other office spaces you’ll find in the city are the features and amenities it offers. From advanced security features and stunning interior design to ergonomic seating and dedicated recreation zones, we have left no stone unturned to make The Work Club a phenomenal place to work at.

Below are a few of the prominent features that The Work Club harbors:

1. Stunning Interior Décor

Most companies underestimate how crucial the role interior design and color of an office can play in uplifting the mood of employees. If you want to boost employee morale, the best thing you can do is make sure your workspace is embellished in lively colors.

At The Work Club, we’ve spared no expense in making sure the workspaces look alive with breathtaking colors and design. The style and look of the offices are further elevated with uniquely, artistic design choices that are guaranteed to make your employees feel welcome and comfortable.

2. Dedicated Conference and Meeting Rooms

Each office at The Work Club features spacious and thoughtfully designed meeting and conference rooms. These rooms have all the amenities employers need to conduct brainstorming sessions with their employees or have meetings with their clients and customers.

3. Dedicated Recreational and Entertainment Zones

Working 8 hours a day non-stop is no easy task. Most employers do not bother about the impact such a stressful schedule can have on the mental and physical health of their employees. This is why The Work Club features rooms within workspaces that can be used by employees to kick back for a while, relax, and recharge.

There is a dedicated gaming zone where your employees can go to blow some steam off after a hard day of work. There is a library room that caters to avid readers. Plus, there is a gymnasium to keep the fitness freaks in your workforce happy.

4. Amphitheatre Space

Companies spend a lot of money on annual gatherings, product launches, anniversaries, and other such important events. Most of this money goes to venues. The Work Club has you covered in this department as well.

At The Work Club, you’ll find a massive amphitheater that can accommodate a boatload of people for all sorts of occasions. From festivals to client meets, our amphitheater comes already equipped with all the technical and aesthetic features necessary to host both small and large-scale corporate events.

5. 3-Tier Security

Office space is only as good as the level of safety it provides. At The Work Club, the safety of your company and employees is our topmost concern. This is why we’ve equipped the building with an advanced 3-tier security system.

CCTV cameras cover every inch of common areas in the building. There are boom barriers in the basements. Plus, there is audio and video monitoring… both of which are facilitated via BMS.

6. Convenient Parking Space

You’ll find ample space to accommodate the vehicles of your entire staff. There are 3 levels of parking spaces for both 2 and 4-wheeler vehicles. The path towards the parking spaces possesses motion sensor-based lighting systems that can guide vehicles safely in the basement.

7. Green Pockets

Over the years, there has been enough evidence to suggest that green spaces can indeed relieve stress and soothe anxiety. So we make sure The Work Club is surrounded by Green Pockets where employees can resign themselves after a hard day at work.

The Green Pockets feature the soothing aroma and sight of natural flora that one can bask themselves in to physically and mentally rejuvenate.

8. The Prime Location

Perhaps what really makes The Work Club such a compelling commercial project in Pune is its strategic location. Located in the PCMC region, The Work Club enjoys easy connectivity to almost all other key areas of Pune. It is also in close proximity to the best shopping malls, entertainment sectors, markets, colleges, IT parks, hospitals, and public transport in town.


From spaces conjured specifically for entertainment to an impeccable security system powering the whole building, there is simply so much at offer here that sets The Work Club apart. It is truly a one-of-a-kind project that we at Ravima Ventures are proud to put our name behind.

The amenities and features the building comes equipped with, are designed to boost both employee productivity and morale. We are sure The Work Club will eventually revolutionize Pune’s work culture before inspiring entrepreneurs across India.

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