A 2020 study spearheaded by Steelcase across the globe found that almost 11% of employees despised their offices. This led them to become disengaged at work. Needless to say, workspaces and employee productivity are joined at the hip. Enterprises that understand this have already begun to transition from dull cubicles to work areas that are relatively more dynamic.
Everything from seating arrangements and amenities to the use of colors can play a significant role in fostering employee productivity. Let us take a more in-depth look at the elements that can make workspaces a breeding ground for accelerated productivity and creativity.

1. Making Room for Ample Daylight

There is ample evidence to suggest that prolonged screen time can be detrimental to an employee’s health. They could end up suffering migraines, eye strain, and feel nauseated, which could hamper their productivity to a great degree. This is why offices with an unobstructed outside view are so important. Workspaces embellished with natural daylight grant workers the break they need from screen time.

2. Business Lounges for Engaging Meetings

The right setting and ambience can prove to be fertile ground for productive business meetings or conversations. That is what a beautifully designed business lounge can achieve. It can foster an atmosphere where your team and staff members can have interactive and fun meetings. A welcoming business lounge will encourage people to be more forthcoming with their ideas.

3. Artwork and Colors

People underestimate just how significant colors can be in boosting productivity. Office walls with the right colors can do a lot more than set a mood or provide the workspace with a unique aesthetic. It can also impact one’s well-being. Therefore, it is imperative to embellish office spaces with colors that breathe life into the interiors. Smart workspaces are even going a step further with their office décor by using custom artwork to make the office space appear more welcoming rather than bland.

4. Game Rooms

Game rooms, or zones, have become a defining characteristic of smart workspaces around the globe. These are places that allow employees to indulge in privileges like picking up a snack, enjoying a game of table tennis, playing carrom/foosball etc. Such amenities provide employees with a welcome reprieve from an otherwise monotonous office schedule.


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