Tathawade, a quaint suburb nestled in the vibrant city of Pune, Maharashtra, has been gaining attention for its unique blend of serenity and modern urban living. Located strategically, Tathawade offers residents a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life while providing easy access to essential amenities. In this blog, we’ll take a brief overview of Tathawade and explore what makes it an attractive place to live.

A Glimpse into Tathawade’s Past

Tathawade’s history is rich and diverse, dating back to a time when it was primarily an agrarian community surrounded by lush green fields. Over the years, the landscape of Tathawade has transformed, transitioning from a predominantly rural area to a thriving urban center. The historical roots of the suburb contribute to its unique character, blending tradition with the dynamic pulse of modern life.

Why Choose Tathawade in Pune?

Strategic Location:

Tathawade’s strategic location is a key factor that makes it an attractive choice for residents. Situated in the western part of Pune, it enjoys close proximity to major IT hubs like Hinjawadi and Pimpri-Chinchwad. Easy access to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway further enhances connectivity, making it a preferred residential destination for professionals working in these industrial corridors.

Educational Hub:

Tathawade has emerged as a prominent educational hub, housing esteemed institutions that cater to a wide range of academic disciplines. Families with school-going children and college students find the suburb particularly appealing due to its educational infrastructure. This has contributed to a vibrant and youthful atmosphere, creating a conducive environment for learning.

Real Estate Opportunities:

The real estate landscape in Tathawade has witnessed remarkable growth. Various residential projects, ranging from budget-friendly apartments to high-end condominiums, offer housing options for diverse income groups. The real estate boom has transformed Tathawade into a sought-after residential destination, providing a mix of affordability and lifestyle amenities.

Commercial and Retail Growth:

Tathawade’s evolution extends beyond residential development to encompass commercial and retail growth. Local markets, shopping complexes, and entertainment hubs have flourished, meeting the daily needs and recreational preferences of the residents. The availability of these amenities adds to the convenience and self-sufficiency of the suburb.

Ravima Comes To Tathawade

We proudly presenting Newton Homes at Tathawade.

Newton Home offers a Spacious 2BHK, Flexi 2BHK with Butterfly Layout. Secure a home for yourself and your family which has all the amenities with high quality construction you would ever require. Newton Homes’ strategic location ensures that you’re well-connected to the city’s pulse, whether it’s for work or leisure.

Newton Homes Tathawade Elevation

Why you should choose Newton Homes Tathawade-

  • Zero-waste layout.
  • Well-organized kitchen and utility area.
  • All flats are east- or west-facing for good ventilation and sunlight.
  • Strategic entrance of our project to give the best experience of living at Tathawade.
  • 12 storage buildings along with 4 levels of parking assure every flat holder can get covered car parking.
  • 2BHK flexi flat layout available for enhancing creativity and productivity.

Understand the Concept Of 2BHK Flexi

2BHK flexi homes are versatile residential spaces featuring two bedrooms, a hall, and a kitchen, designed for optimal flexibility and adaptability. These homes prioritize efficient space utilization, often incorporating modern amenities and open layouts to cater to diverse lifestyle needs. The term “flexi” implies a dynamic living environment, allowing residents to customize spaces based on their preferences, be it for a home office, guest room, or multi-functional living areas. With contemporary fixtures, smart storage solutions, and sometimes outdoor spaces like balconies, 2BHK flexi homes provide a balance of affordability and modern living, making them suitable for a range of budgets and preferences.

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